About this site

'What is this? It's a challenge, an experiment, an exploration, a rough map of where we haven't been. It's a search for new ways to approach Web-based design. It's a cry for creativity, and a stab at innovation. It's a playground and a proving ground. It's a rejection of what's practical invor of what's possible.'
Eric Meyer

Janette Heffernan/Janette Miller/Jan Mila

(jeanette heffernan/janette heff/janette millar/janet miller/heffermann/hefferman/heff old uncle Tom Cobbly and all!)

This is my experimental site and I shall try new things so the site will not look co-ordinated and each page may have many styles like my 'Welcome Page' with its CCS styling, two Flash items and my CSS logo rollover of which I am quite proud. This page with the wonderful CSS scrolling is thanks to Eric Myer who worked out how to do this. No Java script and very little code. My apologies to Mr Myer but I am still quite new to this!


Here is a list of topics into which you are invited to delve. Take your pick. Some will be serious and some frivolous and all will be about my passions. I have to have some topic on which to base my CSS pages while I learn and to the uninitiated I find CSS challenging. A bit like doing a cryptic crossword and a jigsaw puzzle that moves.

Each page will be different and far from perfect and there will be errors. I like many others cannot spell and the 'spell check' is not infallible. It confused 'loin' with 'lion' on my Indian Room page!

Lastly I am 'human'. I am not 'Superwoman'! I just go from click to click and eventually it seems to work.....sometimes!

I hope you will enjoy 'my Strange' life and my site and visit me occasionally.

So as they say 'read on'.

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